The Boston Celtics needed to win a pivotal Game 4 in order to level their series at 2 games apiece.

Missing their defensive stalwart Marcus Smart, they turned to Derrick White as their starting point guard. He was able to give them a huge spark as he scored the first seven points on the way to a huge lead for the Celtics. In fact, the Heat did not get their first field goal until more than halfway through the first Kinky Coupon quarter. It was all part of the stifling defense that they provided. Of course, you would want to admire the offense of Jason Tatum and Jaylen Brown.

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They both delivered the goods in Game 4 and now the series is tied as it goes back to South Beach.

We won’t know what will happen there. What we do know is that this has been a hell of a series. It is anyone’s guess who will win it in contrast to the other series where we see the Warriors leading three games to none. Unfortunately, the change in scenery in that series did not play much into the result of the game. The Miami/Boston series is everything NBA fans hoped it would turn out to be as it is pretty exciting to watch. Those who have the chance to get a coupon or watch it in person can call themselves pretty lucky. After all, you can get to see today’s best basketball superstars in action.

After that game, Derick White intended to be the spark off the bench as he wanted to give the Celtics the offense they needed after they were down by more than twenty points.

Plenty of people have missed substantial time throughout the series as Tyler Herro missed the game due to a strained groin. It is not known who will miss Game 5 if anyone will as we are just a few days away from the NBA Finals. We all know how the entire world will be watching the finals as it is full of defensive stalwarts we have all grown to love. The good news is we have already gotten a bunch of games that more than lived up to our expectations.


As a result, we are all trying to relive the glory days.

As we try and put the past behind us, we know we are in good hands with today’s superstars. It will only get better next season and we won’t even know where the free agents are going to land until the time they sign on the dotted line. These days, NBA is the hottest thing so tons of mediocre players are getting fat contracts and they end up spending it on things they did not expect that they actually needed. Of course, the CamSiteOffers pandemic is still here so you really won’t know who is going to play in these games when everything is on the line. The important thing in this game is that everyone gets to have a lot of fun other than burning a ton of calories.